I’m here to work for all citizens of Hillsborough County.
I’m here to work for all citizens of Hillsborough County. With your support, when I am elected, I will focus on policies that will put families, entrepreneurs, and employees first. Enriching the support systems that buoy up start-up entrepreneurs and second stage businesses adds diversity and vibrancy. Creating pedestrian first transportation solutions that allow our children to get to school safely and reliably and our employees to work will be a high priority, as will creating sustainable and thoughtful growth that protects what we all love the most, our beautiful blue and green spaces.

Supporting Local Businesses

Local business owners are the backbone of our community. 40% of Hillsborough County residents are employed by local business owners. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration as much as 50% of employment is created by small businesses in our county. They are our neighbors and friends. Investing in the resources all business owners need to be creative, solve problems, and build strong companies will ensure all residents an opportunity to find meaningful employment and thrive.

Pedestrian First Transportation Solutions

Students need and deserve a safe commute to school. With the removal of bussing for students within 2 miles of the school we have more students walking to school in Hillsborough County than ever. By focusing on the pedestrian first and creating continuous sidewalk networks for students we will also be building a path way to work for their parents. Through the expansion of transit options, all families are able to safely and reliably commute to school and work building a reliable workforce and economy.

Sustainable and Thoughtful Growth

A thoughtful plan that includes the infrastructure in place to accept the growth we are going to continue to experience is a critical need. According to Plan Hillsborough 65 people per day are moving into Hillsborough County. We all know what it feels like when poor planning happens: congestion, flooding issues, higher than standard wait times for emergency services. Focusing on thoughtful planning that allows us the opportunity to continue to address our growth needs and protects our beautiful blue and green spaces is vital.

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Without change we're failing our working class families and our small business owners, and we're losing out on new investments and new jobs. Let's build up our district together!

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